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A New Blog Post? Whoa! Awesome! ;)

For those who don’t know yet, I am on a vacation. I posted a blog hiatus before but some of you might not notice it. I am in Zambales now to spend New Year. After the celebration, I will go straight to Baguio to meet my cousins and have a good start there.

Life here in Zambales is kind of boring. If you can’t live without cable or internet, you might be dead by now. *LoL* I am really glad that my sun broadband can access the internet now. If you are in the province and want to connect to the internet using your broadband, (Sun, SmartBro, Globe Tattoo) make sure that the supported type is WCDMA preferred so it can connect to the EDGE signal. The connection is very slow but it’s not that bad though. You can check your facebook account and do some blog-hopping.

 I am enjoying my stay here as of the moment. Fresh and cold breeze, trees everywhere, being surrounded by mountains and a lot more. I also love the foods because they are all fresh.

I will be back in Manila maybe on January 5 and I can’t wait to see my friends. J I am thinking of a good souvenir that I can give to them when I got back there.

PS: I can’t upload my latest pics yet because my connection is sooo sloooow! But I got bunch of good photos from our house and the beach. And my jump-shot was great! Watch out for that!

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