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Movie Review: Frozen (2010)

A story of 3 friends, Dan, Joe, and Parker (Dan's Girlfriend) got stranded in the middle of a ski lift. The setting of this film is very minimal. It happened on a ski resort and the story flows in only one place (up in the middle of the ski lift).

Parker and Joe
The thing is, the people that can help them will be back after 5 days so they should really do something for them to survived. They can't stay up there because there are snowstorms every night. They can jump out of the lift but the probability of not breaking your leg is so low. Plus there are bunch of wolves on the ground. Luck is what they need.

The movie is very good and somehow, unique to me. It was like I was in this movie and I can't help myself to shout every time they make a move.

Rating: 8 out of 10


  1. Wow you've watched it already. Maybe I'll just watch it after the finals hehe..

  2. napanood ko na yung trailer...ibang level...
    ayun, xlink tayo, pwede?


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