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The Metrowalk Experience + Harbour Square

Going out is not my favorite thing to do. I am not a party-goer and I'd rather stay at home and do some online tasks but the things I experienced last December 11, 2010 with my new friends was the bestest!
Me while waiting for my friends
From Espana Manila, we went to Metrowalk (near Meralco). I wasn't familiar with the whole place because I have never been there before. To describe the place, it's a mini version of serendra at the fort. There were live bands, bar and restaurants. We took our dinner at Marina Seafoods Restaurant. The food were all scrumptious. 

After that satisfying dinner, we toured ourselves to the whole place. It was not that big though like a rectangular area filled with restaurants and other kiosks. Then we decided to transfer to another place. We took our ride to Harbour Square.

Harbour Square is located beside Star City (IDK the exact place but only the landmark). Metrowalk and Harbour Square are just the same. The only difference is that Harbour Square has a lot of spaces for people.

Since the group was complete, we went in a bar and ordered some booze (San Miguel lite and Gilbey's Premium). I only had two and I got my head spinning. Unfortunately, the bar doesn't have a dance floor so I never had the chance to dance. *LoL* FYI, If I am not sober, You can see on the dance floor. YEAH!
Partey! Partey!

I think it's buttered chicken *not sure*
That night was a killer, thriller and damn good night! We all had fun and I am half wasted! :D


  1. OT: Care for link ex? I don't know where to leave a comment and I did not see it in your blogroll either so I just made it here.

  2. Wow DJ biglang na miss ko ang gimik Pinas. Hayyy ang saya talaga sa atin. Iba talaga. Salamat sa pag share ng mga places na ito...maybe someday mapuntahan ko rin.

  3. @Sirrob Okie Dokie! I will add you up.

    @Lolo Let us hope for the best. ;)

  4. just for the info.. harbour square is at CCP in Pasay :)

  5. @TSINA

    Haha! Ganun talaga! :D We all had fun.

    Thanks for the visit. I guess you are new here.


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