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Just another New Year’s Resolution (Boooh!)

This is one of my preparations in welcoming the year 2011. Well all of us are doing this ritual I guess. New Year’s resolutions are like promises; they are made to be broken. What say you? *wink* Before reading my resolution, you might want to read my review of the year 2010. Without further adieu, here is my very own resolution for 2011! *insert drum rolls*

At Home
  •  Be Patient. I am saying that I must keep it all inside because if I do, I will be insane! I will try to keep my patience longer. I did it before and I am kind of good at it.

  • Give more. Since I am earning money online and I can somehow buy things using my own money, I will share it to my relatives. I did it with my mom and cousin and my next plan is to give something for my Aunt for her birthday. (She terribly wants this thing)

  • Behave. Since I am the only guy in our family, my mom and aunt keep on reminding me to behave. True love waits. That is what they say. I should not search for it. Let love finds me.

In School

  • Study harder. Yes, I am studying so hard. It’s not just that obvious but I really am. I need to focus more on the things I am good at. I know my weaknesses and I will try to improve them. Learn to love the things you hate the most. That phrase came from my prof and it saves me from my programming subjects. It makes sense after all.

  • Stay tough. In school, there are people and consequences that can make or destroy your views in life. Criticisms are not welcome in my system.

In the Blogosphere

  • Blog harder. I can juggle things at the same time. Although thesis A and B are approaching my college life maybe next term, I know I can still do blog and earn money online.

  • Attend a blogging event. I have been blogging for a year but I haven’t attended a blog event or summit. But this year, I will!

  • Create and Update blog. I will make another blog with its own niche, maybe about technology or movie review. I am still deciding if I will buy another domain or just leave it to blogspot. TextmatesKo is my sleeping giant. I will update it soon. Just wait for some updates texters!

  • Learn more. SEO is a must for bloggers out there but there are things that are important than SEO. It is what we call LIFE. Blogging is life. Learning blogging is learning how to live better. There are different blogs out there. Different stories. Different lessons. And they are essential.

Extras (My Top 10)

  1. Do a Video-log for once.
  2. Have a teeth retainer or braces if I have extra bucks.
  3. Apply for an EON card.
  4. Write mysteriously. Avoid possessive pronouns.
  5. Read good books. Buy good books!
  6. Explore everything. Experiment things! (blog ‘em afterwards)
  7. Speak out.
  8. Meet new faces.
  9. Discover new bars in the Metro! *woot!*
  10. Work out. Build some muscle.

2011, I am freaking ready!

Happy New Year Folks! xD

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  1. Goodluck. Sana magawa mo. =) Hindi na ako gumawa ng New Year's resolution. =)


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