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DeejSpeaks's new layout and header

Last week, I took time to search templates for my blogs and I really had a hard time searching one. I mean there are lots of awesome templates for bloggers out there and I can't hardly choose what is the best one for me.

Luckily, I found one for my Entertainment blog and it is perfect. I applied a 2-column, minimalistic look and have a right-sidebar on it. I think it fitted well with my widgets and link lists.

While browsing random topics on the internet, I found the perfect blog template for this blog. After a year in blogging, I just found out that I am more on minimal themes like this one. White background with black-sidebar and a personalized header. I made the header using my photoshop CS4 and put my own photo as a final touch.

About the Header

The header is based on the header of wikipedia where the founder's photo background was the same. I just edited it on photoshop so the people at my back are totally random.

What do you think of my new template? What about the header?


  1. the hew header looks cool! the blog has a touch of being able to "talk with the real person" because of your personal picture.

  2. nice header deej! i also love the minimalistic style in blogs. it's faster to load the pages too.

    keep it up!

  3. ERIC,

    Thank you Sir! :) I noticed it too. A lot of bloggers nowadays are using cartoonized avatars and readers can't hardly know if it is the real author or not.


    Thank you! :D

  4. The new header added a more personal touch to your blog. Good overall change. By the way, congrats on winning the debate.

  5. nice template and header! simple sya and neat unlike pag 3 column. the header is cool ha. kilala na namin ang author ng site. ;)


    Thanks! :D


    HAHA! Kaya nga eh. Ayan, may picture ko na sa header. :)


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