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Break a Leg Debaters!

Tomorrow, as a part of our school's OrgFest, we will be having a Debate and I am one of the participants. There will be 4 teams that will battle each other including my blogger friend, Nash Micaell.

But after that, I am gonna assist the Scrabble Game which will be held after the mass (probably around 11AM). I am very confident that I can manage this game because my players are disciplined. My problem would be the people that will watch each games and compute the scores. I think I will just snatch a friend tomorrow.

The debate contest will be at exactly 2pm so I must study and prepare before that. These are the topics of the debate:

1. Thy will be done
2. The die is cast
3. Freedom is slavery

So Debaters, Good Luck!

1 comment:

  1. Im surprised you haven't blogged about your win yet deej! :D haha.

    No prob, yeah too bad, we could've bought a number of "Pancit canton" that night, whooo!


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