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Annoying Jeepney Driver

After the practice for our presentation this coming December 22, I decided to go home because I have lots of things to do especially my coursework assignment in my Discrete Mathematics subject. I rode this almost full jeepney. The driver insisted that there was a vacant sit for me but there was none. I was not in the right position and it was UNCOMFORTABLE!

I got 6 pesos inside my coin purse and gave it to the driver, then he said that I should pay 7 pesos because there are no students during these days. Take note that I was wearing my school uniform and ID so that was a good proof that there still is.

I wanted to say that I am not an ordinary student. I am a trimester student so our vacation is not similar to other students.

But instead of doing that, I just gave him additional 1 peso to stop his effing mouth. Plus I don't want to argue just because of 1 peso LOL! He was adding that I should pay like an ordinary passenger since it was a holiday season. Another WTF moment for me.


  1. HAHA! Yaan mo na xa! Pero tignan naten sa susunod. :D Humanda xa sken! >:}

  2. advance merry christmas and a happy new year............

  3. Forget about him, just keep in mind not to be like him when you grow old. :-) - mattscradle


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