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$25.96 Payment from Adgitize + Hiatus

Adgitize has been my favorite advertising network every now and then because aside from giving me a fair amount of traffic to my blogs, it also gives me additional income and it makes my paypal account so happy. I have been in the network for like 4 months now and currently advertising 2 blogs.

Yesterday, I received my payment for the month of November worth $25.98 which means I got back the money that I spent for one month advertisement of my two blogs. See the proof below:

$25.96 payment from adgitize proof

If you are not yet a member of Adgitize and wants to earn friends, traffic, alexa rank, and extra money for your paypal account, better visit to sign up and start advertising as early as now!

I will be on Hiatus in Adgitize Network
Yes, you have read it right, I will be having a long break in Adgitize network. My ads will expire tomorrow and I decided not to renew it after New Year because I am sure that I might not be able to do the tasks such as posting, blog hopping, and more. I am going to Zambales this 23rd of december to spend my holidays with the whole clan. I will be back maybe on January and will renew my ads again. So starting tomorrow, you won't be able to see my ads on the network but I will still do the basics to earn extra points.


  1. I have earned 32USD.
    Awesome blog dude.... Keep it up!!!

  2. You got 2 blogs advertised and earned them both back? How much does it cost for each blog? I thought it was $14.

  3. @SIRROB
    $14 undeed. I got it because I earned $25 so there is an excess of $1.96 :)


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