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2010 was

2010 is about to end and I think I need to review the things I achieved. Yes, 2010 opened lots of doors to me. There were obstacles but in the end, here I am, still writing and ready to defy everything! Here goes my evaluation of the year 2010. *drum roll please*

At home

I maintained my good image. Yeah, I am always good and I am proud to say that me and Mom did not argue this year. Although she’s a little bit annoying sometimes. That means my patience became longer now. Family issues? Nah! They don’t exist in my family. 

In school

This is one of the reasons why I should say thanks to the year 2010. It opened a lot of opportunity. I remembered posting a blog post about what I achieved in my school as a college student. They fully changed my perspectives in life. 2009 was a mess but 2010 devoured all of those memories. I can say that I am somebody now unlike in my old school *enough with bitterness*.

With friends

I learned how to be open with changes. People will come and go and I became used to it. I learned how to forget and recall. I met a lot of new faces that became my friends. It felt good to know that you are expanding your connection with just one smile or hello.

To all my beloved friends, thank you so much!

In blogosphere

Internet became so generous to me this 2010. It gives me hundred of bucks and it makes my paypal account so happy. The domain that DeejSpeaks have right now is not possible without all the moneys that internet gave me. Llama’s Journal maintained its daily visitors and I am doing my best to double my traffic. Money is nothing compared to the lessons and things you can get with your co-bloggers and their blogs as well.

At the bar

Of course I will include this. Parties are awesome so do the booze! To all the people who accompanied me in a beer session, thank you! More beer sessions this coming 2011!

2010 was full of dramas. But they were all fixed now. All in all,

2010 was AWESOME!
Wait for my 2011 resolution!


  1. wahey! salamat sa pagdalaw (parang mens lang)

    cheers para sa padating na taon! i lovvvve your header :)

  2. @MOTS hahaha! Oo nga. Parang mens lang. :p

    Thank you din sa pagbisita! :D


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