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Why LegitBucks Sucks?

I am not writing this because I hate AvatarLady who blogs at LegitBucks. It is because I am joining her first blog contest and the participants are obliged to write something about Why LegitBucks Sucks! So don't be so mad at me okay? I am just doing what I have to do for the sake of the contest.
So Why LegitBucks Sucks?

It took me forever before I noticed something that can prove to everybody that LegitBucks sucks. I am aware that I might hurt the owner of the blog. Since she admits that she sucks in blogging then that is the time that I triggered the devil side of me to unleash everything that can  say that LegitBucks really sucks!

The Banner~ Argh!

The banner is not that bad. It just confused me. The first time I have read it (From the buttom). You can actually read the word "suck" so this made me think that LegitBucks really sucks! :p

The Footer Sucks!

LegitBucks is all about tips and proofs that she earns money online or from the internet but why is the footer revealed that her blog is using a travel template? I think it is just not that appropriate for the blog's niche.

The Content

Your blog's content doesn't really suck. But it will be about to. Wanna know why? Because you have posted something about sports or topics that are not really related to your real niche. I kinda hate those kind of blogs especially the blogs that about earning money online but after a month or so, they are featuring topics from all over the niches like sports,  showbiz issues, and even home and product related so please focus.

So that are the things that I considered to say that LegitBucks really sucks! 

To AvatarLady,
              Please don't hate me for posting this. It is really hard to criticize than to compliment something. :)



  1. LOL Entry received! Thanks for joining. =)

  2. Thanks!

    I am really sorry for what I have said in this blog post. HAHA!

  3. Goodluck to you ... still thinking if i will join!

  4. Haha, hirap tlaga..back-out na nga ako eh. Lol! Dunno if gonna change my mind joining the

  5. WOAH! A lot of person are telling me that joining this contest is really hard nga.

    I think I am the first strong soul. hehe :) Goodluck na lang sa mga sasali!

  6. Yah Deej! Really hard! hahaha! I'm still having second thoughts haha..

  7. You've got major balls, Deej, for joining this contest! I wouldn't even if I can. Waahh! I just can't bash anyone... :((

  8. HAHA! You said it right Ms. BlankPixels. Bashing is not cool! Now I feel bad.

    But I am still hoping for the cash. I need it. hehe

  9. You got the whack on your head and should be celebrating right now.. You just won the lotto..!!

    I saw your name in the winners column on legitbucksucks.!


  10. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

  11. Sir Rob,

    HAHA! Yeah. $20 is not that bad especially when you got it from the thing that you are good at. LOL!




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