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When I Change, Everything Changes

It looks like change is following me this past few days. I have noticed that there are things that already changed in my life. Changes that brought me new enemy, and made me realized that old friends are better than  few that I just met. Now, I am writing a blog post for a blog contest that features the "Changes in my Life".

What I did is spent a day alone and in peace. Tried to reminisce the old days when hatred and anger flow in my veins. Sadness and loneliness are my best friends and living a shitty life (sorry for the word but that is the perfect adjective to describe my life before).

From Nobody To Somebody

The Scene
It was 2008 when I entered college here in Metro Manila. My mom decided to enroll me in an Institute that has something to do with computer stuffs. I was a Computer Engineering back then. Guess what, I did not enjoy it.

Maybe I was a little bit new in the city and I did not embrace the changes that easy. It took me 6 months before I fully realized that I am in college and I have to deal with everything --Whether it is good or bad.

Hello Darkness!
The time I embraced the changes in my life, that was also the time when darkness devoured my life as well. I hated everything. I hated life.

I hated to meet new people and go out. I just want to stay at home and do nothing. That was the most boring day of my life. No friends, no life at all.

Then problems have tested my emotions. I had enough and decided to put everything to an end. But I guess it was not my time yet. I think there are so much things for me to unfold. All I have to do is change my perceptions in life and stay on the positive side.

The Change
My mom noticed what I am dealing with on that Institute so she decided to find me another school. Yes! I transferred to another school. This time, it is a private one. I am no longer a Computer Engineering, but an Information Technology student up until now.

Since I want a new life. I gave it a shot. I tried to smile and opened my hearts for new people. After a month of studying to my new school, I have met awesome people. People I called friends.

I learned to trust and respect everyone. I also got what I really deserve.

I Embraced Change, Change Embraced Me
After embracing change in my life and decided to live a positive life, I discovered a lot of good things. New doors opened and they are for the good.

I feel like I am growing everyday and I am assured that I am walking on the right path. The things that I am doing now is making me complete and productive.

I can now say that I am someone. I have overcome darkness and I will never go back on the four corner of my life. I will not be stagnant again ever!

Change+Love=Good Life
These are the things that I have achieved for the past months in my new school by allowing myself free from any negativities and staying closer to my mom and true friends.

I am now the Public Relations Officer in our school. I am interacting with awesome leaders in the future and I am having fun.

Aside from Student Council, I am also the Associate Editor of our School Publication. This is the sign of my love for literature. Writing is the only way for me to throw every bad thoughts that may corrupt myself or whatsoever.

Yesterday, We officially opened the English Society and the shocking part is there are lots of new students who joined. We also casted our votes for the body or council in the society. Guess what! I am now the Vice-President of our English Society.

My Piece of Advice
So if you are living a life full of hatred like the life that I had before, I must say that you must let go of it. I know it is hard but you really have to. Shake it up and don't be stagnant forever. Embrace change like what I did and believe me, you will reach your goal and will have a better life in the future.


  1. change is indeed good. and congratulations deej, you've come that far and i'm sure you still have a longggg way to go and it's going to be a great climb.
    thanks for checking out my entry and for sharing your thoughts.

  2. You are so welcome A WALK THROUGH LIFE! :) Just look forward and aim high. There is no limit! Take the impossible! :D


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