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When Forgiveness and Pride Collide

Forgiveness is something you give to a certain person or group of persons who hurt your feelings. Sounds easy right? All you have to do is accept the apology and forgive him, talk for a minute and everything would be back to normal. But what if, pride intervene? This is another long story.

I received a text message before. The sender is comparing the attitude of kids and matured people nowadays. When kids fought each other, they will not talk for an hour and won't play together but after an hour or two, you can see them again playing as if nothing happened. But when old people fought, even the reason is like the one why the kids fought, their fight would be endless. Sometimes, it is taking them years before they fix it. Sometimes even death can't do something about it. Wanna know the difference? It is all because of pride. That stupid pride!

There is no any solution but to swallow the pride. Forgive and be happy. Return the good old days. Say sorry if you did something wrong. Forgive and accept his or her apologies. Forget the fact of growing up. Sometimes, seeing a dirty and happy kid is a pleasant scene.

Christmas is a good season for forgiveness. Swallow that crappy pride and ask for forgiveness. That would be the best gift that a man could ever have.

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