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Past is Past~I am here to forget

There are things or people in our lives that we need to forget. This is because of the things that happened between the two of you or you just need some space. Some people cannot easily do that. I know it is pretty hard.

I talked to one of my friends last night on facebook and he is trying to make things right. He said that either one of us should fix the sh!t or nothing will happen at all. I don't know why he is affected but one thing is for sure. What he did is amazing and the last line that he said really got me.

People are so different. It is making me sad. :(
I don't really get it. People are just different with each other right? I think that is a good thing. But I think he is referring to what we called acceptance or pride or whatsoever.

All I can say is past is past and I really need to forget it. Someone asked me a while ago: Will it be fix? I said "Time will tell". ~All of them laughed.

I think it can be fix (I am not closing my heart for that because it is really not feel good when you have an enemy). But every wounds can be heal but the bruises are still there even time cannot remove it. 


  1. i really do not like people who have "high" pride of themselves. sometimes it's not acceptable anymore. but yeah like what you've said... time will tell if everything will be alright soon. cheer up!

  2. You can forgive by it's not so easy to forget what happen especially when it brought you so much pain. But you're right time will tell, you might be able to lessen the pain in due time but memories came flashing back anytime but you no linger linger from too much pain.

  3. I quote here the phrase which is quite often used in situations related to your topic .."Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present'
    Interesting post ...

  4. TINE,

    People are sometimes just like that. They (including me) don't want to swallow their ehem pride. But this is a sad truth.

  5. AYNZAN,

    Thanks for the quote or phrase! :) I have heard that on "Kung Fu Panda!"


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