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Not Fair Teletech!

Today, I went to Pasay to attend my final interview for a job at TeleTech. But what I had was not just a simple interview but a simulation exam. It is like a series of exams that will test your skills in computer literacy, attentiveness, and evaluation of every callers.

Guess what. I passed the simulation exam! It was announced at exactly 1:00PM and I have to go back at 2:00PM for my final interview.

During my final interview, the interviewer said that I must choose what to prioritize. If I want a job, then I must stop studying because they are not accepting any part-time jobs (of course I won't stop studying!) My mom can support me and I am earning money from my blogs!. So they said that if I changed my mind.

Here Goes My Rant

It ain't fair! If they are not accepting any part-timer, then the shouldn't have entertained us from the beginning right? So what they want us to do? Stop our momentum in school and work for them? Well no way! That is like they are snatching the good students in school for their company.  If you don't know what I am talking about, please read my previous post.  I am not mad, but what happened today was not good at all. Thanks to my new friends who was with me the whole day. I really had fun.

PS: Thanks for the Country Style donut. It's scrumptious! :)


  1. I never really liked Teletech. I attended a call center training before that's why I know the tactics on how I can pass an interview. And I also know what companies are recommendable. I really thought that you'd pursue that knowing that they don't accept part timers so I didn't ask or stop you. I just wished I talked to you about that yesterday. hehe..

  2. Ces La vie, life has to be that way. There's no fair in life it always have to be unfair. eyt..!! lol

  3. Tama, dapat before final interview ay ininform ka na nila na you have to choose.

    Pero there are cases kasi na before declining, they need to check if your capable to be part of them.

  4. WHA! man, maybe ewric's hunch was a good one, so that's what he ment on

    Ayaw ko na, nadala na ko

    Sad, but did they say that their doors will be open for you??

  5. Yeah. They said that if I made my decision, I can go there anytime for my final interview.

  6. awts. that could be a tough choice for someone with an ambition to earn a college degree. There are better call centers out there and they are very much willing to accept part-timers

  7. btw, good luck on your next job hunting endeavor.

  8. Hi im an hr for 4yrs..the Final interview is the behavioural test.. The interviewer will look if you have a staying power to stay to their company for long time. They dont want to waste time to hire people will be soon no longer work for them. The best way to answer thr question is to lie. If they ask u if u hav . Plan to pursue ur studies.. Answer them no u will not. Even u wont stop studying.just lie about them.


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