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Not Cool!

I thought I am gonna enjoy this day because it starts well like singing a NeverShoutNever song while preparing for school and everything was well but it never lasts. My professor in my Ethics class said that we must group ourselves into 10 for our final requirement on his subject. We will going to report and make a study about certain topics regarding the application of ethics to IT world.

While I am meditating and choosing someone to be in my group, there are people behind me who wrote random members and they included me! So they passed it and declared that I am gonna be their leader. Another WTF moment right? After that, they are saying that I can do it alone because they are too busy for their other major subjects. Another thing is they were the ones who chose our topic which is "Privacy".

Deej is a mad Scientist
I am really mad at that time, the people who I want to be in my group were left hanging (I wasn't able to get my bestfriend!)

What I am going to do now is do some research about our topic and divide or partition the topics so I can distribute it to them. If they don't work their ass off then I won't hesitate to kick their asses! (Sorry for the word guys!).

The grading system here will depend on our reports or defense. If a member can't answer well then our prof will minus 10 points. The lowest grade that we can get is 0. This is really upsetting.

Doing the research is not that hard. I have a lot of resources but I am thinking about my members. 

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  1. Just look at it as a blessing in disguise Deej. When you graduate and take on a job, you'll never know what kind of subordinates you will have if ever you become a manager or a supervisor. You can't choose your officemates too. The "dilemma" you're in right now will just be your training ground. Do what you think is right. They chose you to be the leader, now go lead. :)


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