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Movies to Watch

I have tons of awesome films now and I am so excited to watch them. I bought them in Quiapo a while ago (oh come on! Let us be practical.) So here is the list of the movies that I bought. 

Saw 7
Saw 7 Movie Poster
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Poster
 Coming Soon
Coming Soon Movie Poster

I am going to review the soon so keep on coming here on my humble blog. I am gonna watch Saw 7 tonight. Gotta go now fellas!


  1. Hi found ur site thru adgtized, hope u can visit me at
    Thanks and dont forget to adgitized me also.

  2. gusto ko yung Saw!! Fave ko yan na movie! pero unahin ko muna HP! :D

  3. @FishLover,

    Okie Dokie!


    haha! tsaka na sken ung HP. Gusto ko pag pinanood ko xa may part 2 na. hehe

  4. After I found out the first Paranormal Activity was nothing but reel, I don't think I'll buy the sequel. Just let me know how it has been for you. Enjoy! =)

  5. OMG DEEJ! QUIAPO?! tsk tsk.. Well I got my movies for FREE from the net. :P haha.. Practical enough for us. :D HAHAHA! *kiddin' back there :P hehe* I'll wait for your review about Coming Soon. Hoping your review will be coming soon. :)) AHAHA!

  6. NASH,

    AHAHA! IKR! Quiapo is an old school and not even practical. LOL

    My problem is my internet is very slow and I can't download a movie. Well I can but it may take 3 days? HAHA!

  7. I'm so excited for Saw 7, even though it's poorly reviewed by critics.

  8. I have the SAW 1-6 collections. But didn't know there another bloody one,lol.. Will wait for your review and if it's not as boring as the last one, I'll take some time off and watch it.. Thanks

  9. Sa panahon ngayon dapat talaga maging practical. Ako naman kaka download ko lang ng movie, furry vengeance by brendan fraiser. :) Let us know kung maganda ba mga pinanood mo. parang mas ok ata yung saw 3d pag sa 3d theater mo sya pinanood, para ka na din siguro nilang pinapatay. hehe. :))

  10. yup i second the motion. we have to practical but siemfre we have to be careful din not to be engaged more in movie piracy of course a bit of moderation :)

  11. 3 DAYS?!?!?! WATDA! haha! Well in my situation, our DVD player is cranky so we just download movies from the net since we have a fast connection. :D hehe.. If you like, I could download some movies for free. :)

  12. HI I sensed that you are into suspense thriller type of flicks. The one that I love the most is Case 39.
    I will be going to Divisoria tomorrow and will definitely buy DVD, mura dun. hehehehe

  13. JULES67,

    Yep, I am into that kind of films. Add more flesh and blood para masaya. hehe

    I saw a DVD copy of Case39 but didn't even look at it. But I think I am gonna buy it din. hehe


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