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Looking Forward

Midterm is up and I am getting lazy again. This is so me because I feel like everything is so repetitive again like I am doing the same thing everyday. I am studying the same subjects everyday and I am so fed up. I want to make everything in a fast-forward.

But I am looking forward for a lot of good things that will come my way this coming holiday season. First would be my birthday, this will be on December 4 and I can't wait. I am planning to have a party with my friends because I know that they need this. It is also a good time to get along with some of my good old friends who stopped studying for a while.

Next would be the much awaited Christmas season! My blog readers do know how excited I am because of my previous blog posts about it. We will be going to Baguio with the whole clan. Plus the big wedding that will change everything in the family.

So those are the things that are keeping me to go on with my life as a student. Midterm Exams will be on 17 and I have to work on it. See you in my next posts fellas! :D

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  1. Goodluck on your exam .. And advance happy bday na rin bka malimutan ko eh ...


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