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Job Interview Tomorrow

A while ago, me along with some members of the English Society decided to fill-out the form for a job in TeleTech. At first, it was just like a "trip" or just for fun. We just want to try our skills when it comes to an actual job interview.

So we fill out a form and made our account on a certain website (I forgot what it is) then after 15 minutes I got interviewed. I am a little bit scared because someone in our society passed the initial interview so it is not cool if I can't get in right? If I won't, then this will be the headline of our school paper: "Vice President of English Society Did Not pass a Job Interview!". 

The questions wasn't really hard. He asked me some personal details regarding my way of interacting with my friends so I answered him just like talking in a normal conversation. I can't believe that I embraced his accent at that moment. I am hearing myself talking in an american accent. Whoa! I just can't believe it. So I passed the initial interview.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Pasay (in front of MOA) to attend my final interview. So wish me luck guys! I gotta go to find something to wear and I will also google some information on how to pass a job interview in TeleTech


  1. Good luck, Deej! I hope you aced it! :)

  2. good job! hehe! pagbutihan mo yan, i hope you pass the final interview. :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    The interview and the simulation exam are already done pero I am not eligible to work for them. I passed them both naman. Unfortunately, TeleTech Pasay is not accepting part-time jobs kaya yun.

    Pero they assured to me that when I made my mind (or if I am willing to prioritize working ), I can directly go to the for my final interview na lang.

    Sayang pero 'twas an awesome experience.


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