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The Hardest Decision Ever!

Sometimes in our life, we have to decide something for ourselves. We have to decide real fast because of the circumstances in our life. Sometimes, it is just a simple yes or a no but that decision will really make a big difference.

I kind of hate this thing. I don't want to decide for myself that often because I am not used to it. Usually, my mom always decide for me because I trust her and I know that she wants all the best for me. I know this sounds like I am a 100% momma's boy but I don't care. It is better to have someone beside you when you are making decisions for yourself.

But a while ago, I made the hardest decision ever! I was on my way to school. I was wearing my uniform with my ID and was about to open the gate when a hard rainfall approached my way. It scuks you know! So what I did was I sat down and tried to wait until the rain stop but it haven't.

So I decided not to go to school anymore. I went upstairs and grabbed something to eat. I also watched a horror film (I watched "The Uninvited"). My day won't be complete without sleeping. I am always sleepy these past few days. Gotta go now!


  1. mukang anhirap ng naging desisyon mo. enjoy the day.

  2. HAHA!

    It was! Yep, I did enjoy my day.

  3. that's fine bro, lahat tayo dumadaan sa ganyan na kailangan magdesisyon sa sarili. but then mas ok talaga pag may kasama kang madedecide. :D

    cool! sometimes you also need a break. :D

  4. at least nakapagpahinga kah at na-enjoy ang araw moh =) napadaan lang galing kay kuya CM... Godbless!

  5. Sarap matulog ng ganun hehehe...

  6. @DHIANZ
    HEHE. Oo nga eh. Isa lang naman subject ko that day eh kaya its ok. Welcome sa blog ko!

    Sinabi mo pa! ;)

  7. Cool..!!! I might get confuse on what to do with this dilemma and I think I will have a hard time make such decision. LOL You're just a funny man.!

  8. HEHE Thanks Sir Rob! Really? I am funny? :D

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