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The Guy Who Fell in Love with a Pie

This is my upcoming short story for my World Literature class. We are required to write or compose our own short story about everything. This will be our completion for our final grades on this class and I find it so interesting. I never wrote a short story before so I am enjoying it now. It is so challenging to trigger my mind with things. I never thought that I can be so descriptive with the events or details regarding my short story.

"The Guy Who Fell in Love with a Pie". That is the title of my story. A story about a 19 year old guy who never fell in love so deep. But the girl is not a human--It is a talking lovely pie.

Watch out for the adventures of Kyle and Amanda as they fight for their feeling and obstacles about their love. Would a Man to Pie relationship succeed? 

Wait for this story because I am not done yet. But this will be a good one. Trust me! ;)


  1. Reminds me of The Little Prince.

  2. sana post mo d2 para mabasa nmin. :)

    anu kaya ang magiging takbo ng kwento

  3. i love the title heheh .. waiting for your post.

  4. Thank you guys! I will try to post it here. But it will be a long story.


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