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Deej Goes To The Fort!

Yesterday, me and mom went to Cavite from the Metro to spend our weekend with my Aunts and cousins. We left the house at exactly 6:30 AM and took a long ride. We traveled for like 3 and a half hours before we got their.

When we got there, I was shocked because they were all prepared to go out. Then my cousin said that I should change my clothes so I could come. The problem is I don't have something to wear. I did not bring any pants or decent clothes to wear because I did not anticipate that we will go out. My Aunt said "It's okay, it is just Serendra so it is ok for you to come". 

Serendra is a place for decency. People who are coming there are all decent (except for the jejemons out there). Serendra is a hang-out place for celebrities here in Manila since it is located at the fort where they reside. And I went to Serendra wearing a simple tee-shirt, khaki shorts, and my very own flip-flops. How was that? I felt that I was a yagit in the city at that time. The good thing is there were a lot of foreigners who were wearing the same get-up like mine. :) Well, I am city boy not a yagit or something. *LoL*

We had our lunch at Brother's Burger and I ate a huge burger with huge tomato! It was good, I haven't noticed the mayo in the corner so I haven't used it. HAHA!

After that, we went to Fully-booked to hang out in there and read some good books (Man, I can live in their! ). We stayed there for like 4 straight hours reading awesome books. I am with my cousin by the way. Thanks to Fully-booked for giving me an inspiration for my upcoming short story. It will be in genre of mystery/darkness. I will let you read it soon.

After that, my cousin's mom picked us up to grab some snack. We went straight to Krispy-Creme and bought Oreo Chiller. While we were in Krispy-Creme, I met this bitchy girl who made me so annoyed at that time. Well that is another blog post I guess. I want to mutilate her right now! Argh! Just kidding. ;)

I intended not to post any picture because of my indecency. *LoL* Don't worry, the next time I go there, I will surely post some pics no matter what. 


  1. Haven't been to The Fort in ages!

    Anyway, if you ask me, if you're going to a public place, wear what you like or what's comfy for you. If it's an event or a restaurant with a strict dress code, then, that's the time you should really dress to kill. Hehehe. I don't think you looked yagit at all. Anyway, flipflops are the in thing now. You can wear them anywhere!

    Oh, by the way, have you supported someone else for Sulit's Christmas card-making contest? If you haven't, I hope you'd support my entry. << here's the link. Please, be my viral poster! :)

  2. HAHA! Thanks Ate Mhel! :)

    I will support you po! Kaw pa! ;)

  3. THE FORT!!! I miss that place!!!

  4. ditoh samen yan ang tinatawag na cool outfit... nd hangfun naman nang ginawa nyoh... and ohhh... krispy cremes... yum.... so yeah... laterz nd btw thanks pala sa pagdaan... ingatz nd Godbless! -di

  5. hehe. That motivates me di! Thanks :D

  6. same here haven't been to the fort, but "sana" i wish to visit different places in the Philippines.


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