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Busy as a Bee!

I hate to say this but I am busy again. I am in the middle of the term and it is keeping me busy everyday. We always have homeworks and I have to finish and submit them on time. The problem is there are certain softwares that I must install to my laptop for me to make one homework such as Adobe Flash and Oracle.

My problem now is I don't have an Oracle because my flash drive was corrupted yesterday and I was not able to install it first. So I can't pass any homework tomorrow. Maybe I will just make it up on our next homework.

I gotta go now, I need to review for my first subject tomorrow. Please read my official entry to BlankPixel's blog contest here: When I Change, Everything Changes!


  1. good luck to your studies! ayos lang yan, ang blog andyan lang yan, pero ang pag aaral, taon din masasayang pag di pinagbutihan. :D

  2. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article


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