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1-UTAK is pushing Air-Conditioned Jeepney in the Metro

According to the news, 1-UTAK party list has a new project. It is to replace old jeepneys with new, larger, and air-conditioned jeepneys in the Metro. They said that this will bring more convenience to the people and it will also lessen the pollution in the city.
A Typical Jeepney
The jeepney that they are promoting is larger than the typical jeepney. It can occupy more passengers and it will be like a mini-bus. The good thing is, it is air-conditioned!

But the drivers of the jeepneys today are not okay with 1-UTAK's proposition because it may be a huge factor to have a corruption when it comes to the fees or something.

For me as an everyday jeepney passenger, I am more okay with the 1-UTAK's campaign. I think an air-conditioned and larger jeepney would be more sufficient for all of us. And I am aware that this kind of vehicle will have an increase in the fare. But it is ok with me.

What about you? Is it okay to you to replace the old jeepneys with an air-conditioned jeepneeys? Why? Why not? Share your answers.


  1. Oh! This will really cause fare increase. But it will really be more comfortable to have air-conditioned jeepneys. And I think drivers would be required to keep a neat disposition. :D hehe.. I would also prefer battery powered jeepneys. :)

  2. Oh yeah! The battery powered jeepneys would be so great and I would be so willing to change the air-conditioned jeepneys with it. Thanks for reminding me that. The government must push it through.

  3. that would be a nice idea and should be implemented because the most important thing in this time is to feel comfortable while your traveling. i really hope that they can implement it. :)

  4. hello, sorry for the inconvenience. LOL. you can now comment freely on my site. :D

  5. nice idea if the driver knows how to maintain cleanliness, but if not, i would rather like to ride with a non-air jeepneys..

  6. I don't agree with REPLACING the old jeepneys. Most people would prefer the old jeeps over air-conditioned ones simply because of higher fare that come with the convenience. I honestly don't think it's a wise decision to push through with a plan like that. Not everyone can afford riding those air-conditioned jeeps. Plus, it's already part of our culture. Most foreigners I know love the idea of riding jeepneys here in the Philippines.

  7. Oopps. Forgot to add. But, I'd love to have the option to ride an air-conditioned jeepney. I actually had a chance to ride one back when we were still in Navotas. It was bound to Recto and it was a cool and fun experience. I paid 10 pesos higher than my usual fare, but I still wanted to try it though so it didn't matter. *LOL*


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