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What Do You Think of HYIP?

I am planning to invest some money on HYIP sites. I have bookmarked a lot of them and trying to study or investigate if they are legit or not. If you are not familiar with HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. These are websites that will double the money that you invested but investing money on this site is very tricky. So better invest money that is not that big so when they became a scam site, it wouldn't hurt a lot.

So what do you think? Should I invest to HYIPs? Please give me some tips or recommend some legit and paying HYIP sites.

PS: Sorry for this very short blog post. I feel sick and tired today. I have colds and runny nose and I have to scan my noted for our long quiz and prelim exams tomorrow. Wish me luck and I hope me and Cedngasngu can survive prelims! Gotta go now! I need to catch my runny nose. *LoL*


  1. i've never tried this and i'm scared to do it. just be sure to check the site first before investing something big.

    good luck!

  2. So Cedngasngu is your classmate, well i hope your ok by now .. I don't have any idea about HYIP but i'm willing to participate if it's legit. Hope you will update us about this thing, thanks.

  3. @GEE Thanks for the tip! :)

    @MONA Yes he is.

  4. I'm looking for something similar to invest but i have no idea. if you got a reliable one just let me know. thanks

  5. I think Mona has raised a valid point I'm with her in this view.

  6. Welcome for your positive information about hyip program. In my experience, ptp fund site is come with new advanced features and have more security for online investors. Suchlike, this site is only looking for avoid scam in online.


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