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Random Thoughts-Got nothing to write

This will be my escape for a time like this. My mind is so blank and I can't think of an interesting topic to blog about. Maybe its because of a shocking event that happened to me yesterday (it has something to do with my online life).

This post is a just a free-write and I will write everything that I want. I won't be reviewing the grammar and just let the sentence flow. It is just a written thoughts.

While I am browsing my facebook wall, I saw this girl; she is my schoolmate, a freshman student. She is so simple and she looks like an innocent girl. I always see her in the corridor but never had the chance to smile at her. But I was shocked when I saw her wall. She is a member of Anti-Virgin Clan. That means she is not a virgin anymore. This is unbelievable though.

That's it. Sorry for this crappy blog post. I am just thinking so hard.


  1. Perhaps what happened to your online life could be an iteresting topic to write about, just a thought.


  2. oh is everything fine? I'm kinda worried but yea maybe you can blog about what happened yesterday or if its too private maybe something that makes you smile apart from what happened to you (wink)

  3. sorry to hear about her. that's really shocking ha.. nagawa pa nyang ipaglandakan yun on facebook.. something like that shouldn't be posted on public. :s


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