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Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night

I am a huge fan of Paranormal Activity movie. I love the concept, the twists, and the endings. Right now, I am waiting for the second part of the said film. I have watched the trailer and it was so awesome! They must prove to the viewers that the sequel will make justice to the first part of the movie. They must and should be good for us especially me or else I will give them a very bad review just what I did to The Last Exorcism that really sucks.

I have read a blog post about the Japanese version of Paranormal Activity and they will entitle it as "Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night". Thanks to Will of Me Likes Art for sharing his post about it.

We all know that Japanese producers and directors are very good in doing scary films like The Ring, Shutter, and The Grudge. Americans just copied and made a remake of their films but it only proves that the original will be the best.

Let us see how Japanese directors give a revision on the film but I am pretty sure that they will scare the hell out of us like never before. Paranormal Activity alone is good. But Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night would be better I guess.

What say you? :D


  1. haha, I hate horror movies :D

    no prob mentor woot woot :D

  2. I admit I'm excited about this one. :)

  3. @CED HAHA! Mentor talaga ha. :P

    @WILL Same here Pal!


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