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On The Brightside

This week was not that good. Although I tried my best to start my week with a positive thoughts and doing something cool like watching Glee. ;) Then I also discovered something weird about me. Wanna know it? I just became a huge Muscovado Sugar Monster and it was awesome! I kinda like it though.

But last thursday, I felt something more weirder than the appearance of the muscovado monster. I discovered that there is a monster within me and I cannot control it anymore. It is bringing back the old days and also the old me. I hate that feeling.

On the brighter side, I fixed everything. I mean I tried to control it for the rest of the day and I succeed. The problems with my friends and longing for my good old friends are ok for now. I think I am happy again knowing that I am gonna have my new phone tomorrow. So I am so thankful for this week because I learned from everything that I had.

I just wanna share this music video by NeverShoutNever entitled "On The Brightside".

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