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New Blogroll Project

I know that this post about my new blogroll project is kinda late because I was busy yesterday. I did a lot of things and spent a lot of my time watching glee. I am offering a new blogroll on my other blog. Follow the link if you want to be listed on my new blogroll. This is my second blogroll by the way because I have a blogroll or link list of BC Bloggers 4.

My New Blogroll Project logo

The instructions are just the same, simply put it on the comment box with this format:

Anchor Text
Blog's URL
For Example:

Please make sure that you also add me on your blogroll so we can reciprocate the links. This can build up our PRs and have better blog rankings. I will check your blogroll before adding your request.

I will also delete your comments on this blog post after adding your anchor texts and blog's URL just to be safe. Because putting your blog's URL on the comment box section of blogs are harmful and the search engines might think that you are a spammer and mark your blog as a spam blog. I will let you all know if you are already added though.

You can also add your blog links on my new blogroll project on Llama's Journal. My PR3 blog.


  1. it happens to me it sometimes i have nothing to write, by the way you have 3 ads by nuffnang, congrats

  2. Thanks for letting me know Mona! I really appreciate it. :)


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