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My First Ebay Transaction

I don't blog for nothing. That is the reason why I am blogging up until now. There are so many people kept on asking me this same question: Why are you still blogging? And I already answered that question long time ago. Money is a good reward from blogging. You write quality contents then you will get paid. That is what I like in blogging too.

Yes, I am earning real money using my blogs and they are all in my paypal account. I cannot withdraw it yet because I don't have my own credit card. So what I did today is I tried to use some of my money and to prove to my mom that I am doing the right thing. Like what I said before, I don't blog for nothing!

I started my day in purchasing an item on eBay. Want to know what it is? ---A memory stick for my new phone. eBay sent me a mail that says I won a bid and the item is already mine. To complete the transaction, I paid $13 dollars for the item and for the shipping fee.

I'm gonna post the pics of the item as soon as I get it. I am not sure how long should I wait but one thing is for sure. --It is on queue and on its way to my door. It really feels good to have something out of my blogs so I will keep on buying an item on eBay every month as a treat for myself.

Any tips on buying an item on eBay? Dos and Don'ts anyone?


  1. I'm also an ebay addict, but I only buy items within the Philippines, though. I can't bear waiting for a couple of weeks before I get my item. :)

  2. AHAHA! I guess I will be an addict to eBay also. I am planning to buy another item after I got my memory card.

  3. good to hear that you are earning money through blogging. did you purchase your memory card on or PH? just curious. hehe. I usually purchase screen protectors and silicon casing for my sister in US. Baliktad no? :))

  4. @BLOGCOHOLIC I have purchased the item on

    Baliktad nga yung scenario mo. hehe Diba dapat mas mura sa US yung mga ganung accessories sa gadgets? :)


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