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Looking for an Online Job

I spent my day searching for an online job and luckily found two of them. I already created my own account and have submitted my resume to them. I am now waiting for their emails regarding the job that they want me to finish.

Since I am an IT student, I have chosen the field of computers of course (DUH!). Such as encoding, proofreading, web page making, and graphic designing. I hope they find my resume interesting though. I will not post the links that I am referring to right now because they haven't paid me yet. It is difficult to refer people to a site that you haven't tried yet right?

So wait for my updates regarding this online jobs that I am talking about. 

Goodnight and have a meaningful long weekend!


  1. Where did you apply? You can also try
    btw, I already linked your other blog.. Thanks :)

  2. Where did you apply? I'm also interested on getting one. x_x

  3. UMI,

    Go to the site that Ms. EihdraG gave to me above.


    Nope it is not a typist. Proofreader I must say. :)

  4. goodluck, you deserves a job =)


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