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Look What I Found in the Closet!

It is not a Top Man or a brand new Calvin Klein shirt but this thing is really amazing and shocking at the same time. And NO, I am not even referring to the closet that I have in my room. I am talking about my online closet~ My very own blogger account.

I made this account a year ago and created some blogs but deleted them afterwards. Now, I have a total of 5 blogs in my closet (blogger account). Two are active and 3 of them are just sleeping. I want them to be matured enough for some reasons.

So here is what I have found the other day. I was checking if the big Gee updates the PR of every blogs and found out that they are not yet updating any. I tried to check the PRs of my blogs (5 of them) and discovered that one of my blogs gained page rank without my knowledge. I was not aware of it because I did not pay any attention. Well I did not assume or expect anything from it. That was just an experimental blog.

Without further ado, I represent you my PR1 blog about text messages of all occasions. This blog is entitled "TextmatesKo". Visit it if you want and I am open for link exchange. I guess I can use this blog soon. *wink*


  1. wow, that's a pleasant surprise deej. congrats!

    by the way, hope you get the email i sent this time. regards!

  2. haha, nice, i'll try to look at mines too :D

    Congrats deej :) that PR1 is a useful blog, you know it ;D

  3. @KHAYE Yeah! Really Nice!
    @CED Yep! It will help me soon. :) You know that. hehe

  4. you can track your PR with a Google SEO toolbar, register and download the toolbar, turn it on and then you can see the page rank of all the sites you are visiting including yours. just google it..

  5. Thanks for the info J! :) I hope you leave your link so I can visit you back.

  6. Thanks for the info


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