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The Last Exorcism Movie Review

I was so so eager to watch this film before and I was so willing to pay hundred bucks just to see it on the big screen but never had the chance. When I was able to have a free time during the weekend and have my money in my pocket, the film is not available in the cinemas anymore. They left me no choice but to buy a DVD of The Last Exorcism. I watched it with my cousin just now and this is our review about the movie.

(The Last Exorcism Movie Poster)

The Last Exorcism is a horror/suspense/thrilling film and compared it to Blair Witch Project and took its concept to Paranormal Activity. What? The producer and Director of the film must be kidding us. The film was like made by a student in a grade school!

The pacing of the film is so slooooow! It started in an interview thingy and it consumes the whole part of the movie. I looked at the time in the movie and found out that I have wasted 60 seconds of my life watching the interview part of the film.

The part that is s only interesting is the part when they were in the cabin or poultry house when the real demon appeared and talked to them. After that was a pure boredom. I can't help my falling eyelid.

1 out of 5 stars


  1. Nice review. Actually I liked the twist at the end (about the girl faking it), pero I find the ending a bit silly.

  2. Dee-j ur no.2 at adgitize's leaderboard! More powers to you deej! Be #1 :)

  3. @WILL I find the ending weird and confusing though. It makes me wanna say "WTF is going on?". Everything comes fast forward. I think I will watch the ending part again.

    @CED I was on the number 1 spot last month. I will try to get that spot again this time. Thanks for the support! :)


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