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I want to gain Weight!

Yes! I want to gain wait and I want it bad! I am willing to do everything just to have some fats on my body. I know it sounds weird because I asked this question to an International forum website and they were all shocked. They said that there are a lot of people who are willing to do everything just to lose weight but here I am asking the opposite question.

I am 18 year old guy with a very slim or skinny body and I am tired of hearing people saying that I look like a stick or weak. I am so sick of it. Even my mom wants me to gain weight so we could go to the gym and have some work out (muscles for the win!).

I am trying to eat a lot of food but my intestines cannot take it anymore or my appetite have a problem. It feels like I am always full everytime I eat. Unless I won't eat any snacks for me to eat 2 bowls of rice. Well that looks I am starving myself.

So my mom bought me this vitamin that is recommended by her officemate. They all assured my mom that it is 100% working and it worked for them.

Heraclene: That is the name of the vitamin that I am taking for me to gain weight
My mom bought it on Watsons so this is legal and not generic. I will be taking this vitamin for only 2-weeks straight. After that, I must stop. Then I will the result after a month which is very intriguing. The effect of this is working on me now. I always feel hungry and I must eat. Now, I can eat a lot of rice and cookies as well. So if you want to try this one, better buy now! :)


  1. wow nakakshock nga na gusto mong magpataba samantalang ako eh hindi ko na alam kung san isisiksik yung taba ko :))

    niweiz good luck sa pag gain ng weight :)

  2. Same here. i also want to gain weight but i have fast metabolism. give us an update on how effective the pills are, ayt?

    by the way, have u tried Appeton Weight Gain ?

  3. WILL,

    Sure thing Dude! I will update you about the result of the pill. :)

    I haven't tried it yet. Pero I think that will be my second option if the pill doesn't work. Thanks for the info!

  4. wow, thanks for posting this. Gusto ko din tumaba!

  5. hey hows the pill working? are you gaining weight now? i want it too.

  6. hey . kelangan paba ng reseta ng doktor pag bibili ito?

  7. kelangan ba ng reseta ng doktor pag bibili nito?


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