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I Support Carlos Celdran

Politics and Religion cannot be contained or mixed in one place. They are like oil and water that cannot be combined. Their views and opinions on certain things will never be logically equivalent. Religion or the church itself must back-off on the issues about the Government because they are making everything complicated. They are trying to manipulate and persuade every people in the society.

That is the reason why I support and salute Carlos Celdran. He stand up and show to the church and people what he wants to say and shout. DAMASO! That is what he wants to emphasize. It means that church must mind its own business and leave the problem of the government.
(This is Carlos Celdran)
Who is Carlos Celdran?

Carlos Celdran is an actor. Many people knew him as a tour guide in Intramuros Manila. I have first seen him in one of the episodes of Trip na Trip where he guided the trippers in Intramuros. He is an awesome dude! :)

If you also support Carlos Celdran, You can like the fan page of him and you will see thousands of people supporting him. Interact with them and tell them what you wanna say. You can also buy T-shirts for Carlos Celdran DAMASO movement. I don't know the prize it so I cannot tell you if it is cheap or not.

What do you think about Carlos Celdran and the Damaso Movement?


  1. the first time i saw him on news, i admired him for doing that.. reality check, every person naman kasi ay may freedom kung ano man gusto nila diba, hindi na dapat makialam ang church dun, labas na sila dun about dun sa family planning na yan.ginagawa lang ng government yung trabaho nila. ok, enough, puso ko, nalaglag na.. haha.. :)

  2. At first, I was a bit turned off by what he did in that church. But after a few days I said, "Oh, what the hell. Go Celdran!"

  3. @BLOGCOHOLIC HAHA! Na-carried away eh nuh? Tama ka naman. If magka-clash ung politics and religion, walang mangyayari sa bansa. Puro contradiction.

    @WILL I am glad you changed your mind.

  4. Carlos Celdran is just one of the Filipinos hoping to untie the rope of the church and the state. I agree with him when he said that “I condemned my way but not my message.” During the Spanish era, the state is blind and deaf because everything presented to the people is coming from the friars. Rizal and many other heroes started their crusade for freedom for us to attain our independence from Spanish rulers. Isn’t it that this is our chance to exercise this freedom in which the state and church is separated? Carlos Celdran is just brave enough to impart his message to the church about certain issues particularly the RH-Bill in which they kept on intervening. I think that he is just right on what he wants to say. I think that the final decision should always come from the state and it is always the freewill of the people of the state if they will follow this RH Bill. 

  5. So that's where I first saw him! Grabe I've been thinking for days now, ikaw lang pala nakasagot..hehehe
    I did that already, I mean liked his page, that same night that the news reported it..
    Tama naman diba! Panahon pa ni Rizal, or earlier than that eh issue na yang Separation of Church and State.
    I have nothing against the priest but I'm against the growth of the population. If we can do something about it, why not do!?
    I don't know if the Bible said anything about using contraceptives being a sin, but God placed us in the highest level of all creature because He gave us brains so we can decide for ourselves.
    Ay I'm sorry ang haba na pala.. nadala ako..hehehe


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