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I Have a New Phone :)

I know this is a very advanced birthday gift for me neither a Christmas  gift. Either way, I am super happy and contented for what I have. I know that you guys are aware that I terribly need a new phone right now because I miss using this kind of device. Although I have 2 phones now (N73 and Sony Ericsson K550i), both of them are about to die. I am using them to listen some good music and as an alarm clock too. But I still love them. They provided me their services for like a year or two.

Now I know the reason why my Aunt wants me to go here in Cavite and she was bugging me for like weeks. She said that I must clear my schedule for the weekend and spend it with them. So I followed what she said; NO GIMMICK! NO ME TIME! But I got something in return. A new phone. And I unboxed it already.

I want to post the pics that I took while I un boxing the phone but I am still learning how to do it. It is kinda delicate to use the bluetooth because there are so many pop-ups popping up my screen everytime I attempt to send a single file. It is better to be careful I guess. But here is the exact look of my new phone.
It is a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Edition; it is a touch, has WLAN connection and AWESOME! I think this will what you get when you stay good all year round. And single too. ;)



  1. Wow ang ganda, tagal ko nang di nagkaka-bagong phone. Buti ka pa.
    haha, try ko magpabili pag bday ko na.

  2. Hehe. Thanks Will! Basta stay good and follow your parents para may reward ka when the time comes.

    Good Luck!

  3. Woot! nice deej, pamana mo na sakin ung luma mong fon :D hehe,

    May laruan kaming ganyan dati, hehe,

    Wow now you got a spare hundred bucks to spare :D *ehem* joke :)

  4. Hehe Thanks Ced! Aw! Hinigi na ng Mom ko ung phone ko. Pagawa daw niya. I am so thankful for this.

  5. wow! congrats for the new phone! isa sa mga choices ko yan nung namimili ako ng phone, sadly sa e72 ako nauwi, at ngayon nagsawa na, sa samsung spica naman ako. haha. kaloka.. pero masaya diba pag new phone? :) don't forget to post some pics of your new phone. :)

  6. @BLOGCOHOLIC HEHE Maganda din naman ang E72 eh. I will post some pics soon. hehe

    Thanks for the visit!

  7. new phone again? well sana bigay mo naman sa amin yon iba hehe, naluluma na mga phone namin.

  8. @WORKINGATHOME HAHA! Last year pa ata yung phone ko ngaun eh. I am currently using my old phones para kumpleto na ung networks na ginagamit ko. hehe


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