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Goodbye iconio

Want to know what the hell is ? Well maybe 99% of people doesn't know it because I made up that word for our school paper. This is a combination of the word ICON and CONIO. Icon because it is a mascot or the thing that represents our college (We are the icons). While conio is just a keyword I guess in C programming (Well one of the header files).

The whole member of the School Organ voted for it. More than 10 unique names were listed on the board and each one of use voted for the most appealing name for our paper. Luckily, wins! The publication has spoken. They have chosen .

So we have written our articles from Editorial news, Literary, Sports, Opinions etc... We submitted it to the Editor and Chief and hopes for the best. Last week, I have heard that everything is all set. They will proofread the articles and print it out ASAP with the name of course.

Today, we had a meeting and the topic is about the title or name of our school paper. They want to change it! AND YES! I AM UPSET! They said that some of the students saw the paper and noticed the name. They said that it was lame, unprofessional, and not appropriate. I mean who the hell are they? They are not the one who voted for it. They just have the guts to criticize the whole thing because they did not exert any effort for that. They did not work for it.

I am not against with the decision that was made. I am not blaming anyone (well there is no one to blame).

On Monday, we will be having a meeting again for us to have a new Name. Maybe they want us to vote for names again. Guess what! I AM NOT COMING! If they will force me to come, I won't talk. It is better to shut my mouth up and hope for the better!

Good Luck to the School Organ!
Again, Goodbye ICONIO!


  1. Aww that's harsh :(

    I would be upset too if i were in your shoes.

    Just go to the election, just don't speak a single word, because it would look like your rebelling against it, I know you want to, but I know too that you don't want them to see that.

    Remember what happened to mark's "Circle of life"? we walked out too there, which sir said gave us bad images/rep on our behalf.

    Just go, X( even if your upset,

    Oh yeah thanks for the sticky, man wordpress rules, hehe, but if a wordpress theme is ripped into a blogger theme, would we acquire the sticky notes function? :D

  2. Thanks for responding Ced. I am disgusted with the system! Everything is lame now. All I want is to finish all my subjects and get the hell out of the school!


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