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Fingers Crossed

Yesterday or the other day, I blog about searching for an online part-time job. I have found few then created my own account to access my account and to submit my resume as well. It is really good to have a clean and meaningful resume. Like a resume that is filled with essential information that are telling your future boss who you are or what are your expertise.

When I woke up in the morning (around 10:00 am), I checked my mail and saw a lot of people asking me if I still want an online job. I replied yes.

The best thing is someone sent me a test for his proofreading job for me. He sent me 3 articles (around 300 to 400 words). All I have to do is proofread those articles and send them back to him. I did well I guess.

I am not sure if I can make it. But I am hoping for a position. This would be my first part time online job if ever. I will also get 200 USD every month for every 10 articles I proofread everyday.

Please pray for me guys! My fingers are all crossed. ><


  1. Let us hope for the best. Thanks for visiting my blog Mister! :)

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