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DeejSpeaks is on Entrecard!

This blog is running for like 4 months now and everything is going fine and very smooth. Traffics are okay and the readers that my blog have are very responsive and kind. You know who you are and I am thanking you guys from the bottom of my heart. This blog also entered the world of advertising last month and it really helps my blog's performance. I am now thinking whether I pay for my own web host or not. There are pros and cons so I am having second thoughts.

Today, I entered the world of Entrecard. It is a web site that enables bloggers from all over the world to advertise their blogs for free! The concept is like "You Drop, He Drop". As you can see, I have this 125x125 ad button from entrecard. When a blogger dropped his footprint, basically I will return it back so traffic or blog visiting occurs.

I am seeing a lot of bloggers who are using this program and they are looking good. Who doesn't want free traffic by the way? I hope this will double my visitors for me to have more blogger friends.

So if you haven't join Entrecard, better sign up now and gain new visitors everyday!


  1. i have an entrecard but don't know how it works. how can i advertise my blog? Do i need to assigned my credit. Hope i can get info thanks.

  2. @WORKINGATHOME All you have to do is upload your 125x125 ad and blog hop like what you do on adgitize. If you see the entrecard ad on their blog, click "DROP" on the golden bar below the 125x125 entrecard widget. That's it! Your blog is now featured on that blog instantly.

  3. bye muna sa iyo friend.......hope to see you soon..........still you are in my mind, sometimes.. :cry:

  4. ok deej thanks for the information =)its really helpful .. have time to visit me =)


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