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Busy Day

Today, I was about to go to school for the tryouts for dancing. But I decided not to go because I am not needed there. I have no idea why did they want me to go. I will just stand and watch them dance there by the way. So I didn't go. 

I spent my whole day searching for my new blog template and it took me 3 straight hours before I found the prefect one. I am now using SimpleFolio and it is awesome! I also promised a while ago in my other blog post to be contented with blog's design. I will not change it until New Year.

And oh! Before I forgot, I will now post some pics of my new phone while I am unboxing it last Sunday as I promised.
Box of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Another Box LOL!
This was supposed to be posted yesterday but my internet is freaking slow so I can't upload the pictures, I think I need to throw a rant about Why Sun Broadband Wireless sucks :P. I am overwhelmed with the new feature of blogger (photo uploading service). It is more faster because you can now upload photos at the same time unlike before.


  1. cool new template again and your new cp congrats =) by the way about my entrecard sorry ha makulit ako tama ba na kpag advertise ko blog ko click k lang yn word na advertise sa isang blog site? thanks

  2. Woot Woot, nice phone! and thanks for the head's up about the Forum posting, did one of my own, I'll see where it'll go :) thanks mentor haha :D

  3. wow. you're into dancing pala. :)

    I want to have a new blog template too but i'm quite lazy to search for cute ones. lol. btw, your new theme on your other blog is simple and organized. great choice. :)

    gusto ko pa naman bumili ng sun broadband for emergency use. lol. pero wag nalang. hehe.

    nice phone. ;))

  4. @WORKINGATHOME If you have some credits cguro you can use it. pero ang ginagawa ko po kasi is I am just dropping my badge to every blog na makita ko na may entrecard badge eh.

    @CED No problem!

    @BLOGCOHOLIC Wag ka ng bumili ng SUN. Sayang lang po pera nio. :)


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