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Bursting with Ideas

Have you ever felt this feeling? The feeling of having a lot of ideas in your mind and all you want to do is make them happen because you are afraid to lose them and do nothing about it. Well I am like that right now. I am bursting with so much thoughts, plans and ideas. Regarding school, personal issues, and online life.
Bursting with Ideas
My first step would be going back from the start. I am talking about blogging. I am going back from where I have come from like my main reason why I am blogging. My mind became so greedy with a lot things and I came to the point of giving up. And I won't let that happen.

In school, I would focus more. FOCUS!

Well maybe you have noticed my new template right? I know it is kinda girly. I just love soft colors. It is not yet done I will be putting widgets and inject some SEO for traffic maybe on weekends. I also updated my blogroll. Visit it to check if you are still there. I need more links pa. :)

You will see the changes that I want to apply with my blogs ASAP! 


  1. your template is nice, clean-looking, because you are young, you are restless , that's fine, spread your ideas, that's good!

  2. Cute template. Spots of pink! I love pink ^^ I've been there. And still experiencing the same "rush of ideas". Palagay ko, dapat isulat mo sa papel lahat. That is kung makakalimutin ka. Ako kasi I tend to forget things kaya hindi ko nagagawa minsan kung ano talaga gusto ko. Hehe. And right, FOCUS is the word! ^^

  3. Hi Khaye!

    Thanks for appreciating my blog's theme. I didn't notice the pink spots before. UH-OH!

    Also thanks for the tip!

    FOCUS! :D

  4. Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.


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