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Why Am I Still Blogging?

I have been blogging for like 10 months now and I had a lot of blogs since then. Some were forgotten and neglected. Some were just there waiting for new posts. Some were expired or their web hosts already expired. Now, I only manage 2 blogs. The other one is Llama's Journal that just got its blog niche (Entertainment). But a lot of people including my mom keep on asking me the same question. "Why are you blogging?" Then I started to contemplate and came up with these reasons.

Why Am I Blogging?

1. I love to write. I started writing way back when I was in my Elementary days and I am so proud that I was able to published my 2 articles on our school organ. Highschool was the same, I was a member of our school publication and it was awesome! Now that I am in college, I am the Associate Editor of our school organ. I believe that the blood of writer runs in my veins.

2. I am always updated. Being a blogger is an advantage because I am able to know the latest trends or issues that a non-blogger can't do. The talk of the town today was the talk of the bloggers in the blogosphere yesterday

3. People respect you. My friends and professors call me "the blogger" and I kinda like it. Because they appreciate what I am doing and they respect me a lot. 

4. Blogging is so much fun! Building links to have a high PR is awesome and exciting as well. You have to please so many search engines out there without losing your readers. While doing these things, I am able to meet awesome blogger friends!

5. Blogging educates me. I am not perfect and I commit mistakes a lot! Blogging using english language is daring for us Filipinos since english is not our language. But blogging using this manner teaches me little by little to speak and write in english manner.

6. Gotta love the rewards. Maybe you do not know that there is money in blogging. In fact, I got a lot and I love it. I can buy things online using this money and I even bought my own domain.  All you have to do is do your job and earn money soon

So I persuaded you like my friend from OneStopBlogz, then you can create your blog now and experienced what I have experienced. The best thing about blogging is: Blogging is Free of Charge!


  1. :) yap, that what gets a blogger going,

    Thanks for the link love mr.Llama :)


    adam's official music video is out now, :) hope it'll be more successful than fireflies :D

  2. @Cedngasngu

    No problem :)

    I am sure it will be a blast.

  3. i also asked myself before i am not a writer but now i'm enjoying being a blogger. I know i'm not that good when it comes to writing but still happy to share something that i can =) ..
    hope you can visit my blog =)

  4. @WorkingAtHome

    That's great! Blogging is really captivating and interesting. :)

    Thanks for the comment! I will visit you.

  5. Nice post..Hope you can give me a tip on how to earn from it..I'm a newbie..thanks

  6. @Sweetdet

    Sure thing. :) I will send you a PM.


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