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Vodka Mudshake Cappuccino

Me and my cousin will be drinking some booze tonight since last week was her birthday so this will be a pre-birthday bash. I went to SM Bacoor early in the morning to buy Vodka Mudshake. There were 3 of them so I started to decide which one should I buy. Will it be the pina colada? Caramel? Or the Cappuccino
I am not familiar with pina colada and caramel might be so sweet so I bought the Cappuccino flavor. I bought 2 and decided to add 4 gilbeys. I never had this beverage so I will review it maybe tomorrow. You can buy Vodka Mudshake for 75 pesos while the Gilbey's is 45 pesos. Not bad right?

I guess it's party time! =P

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