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Vodka Mudshake Cappuccino Flavor Review

As I have said on my previous post about Vodka Mudshake Cappuccino, I promised that I will review this beverage so here it goes. Vodka Mudshake has 3 flavors such as the pina colada, caramel, and cappuccino. I haven't tasted the pina colada and caramel yet but as soon as I tasted it, I will review them here.

Vodka Mudshake Cappuccino Flavor Review

This drink is recommended for people who wants to drink alcoholic beverage but don't want to get wasted. It only has a small percentage of alcohol mixture (around 7% I guess).

The Taste

It is sweet. As if you are drinking a typical cappuccino drink with a little bit of sting. My cousin described it as if you are drinking a "chuckie".

Bad Thing

I cannot drink another glass of this. It is so sweet and I am not used to it. Give me another drink please!

Rating: 4/5 stars

4 out of 5 because I like hard drinks. But this is a good drink for girls who want to have fun even for just a night.


  1. good review. on the other hand, i think this drink will work for me though. i love sweet stuff.

  2. Thanks Devil! =) You must also try the caramel one. I think that is sweeter.


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