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This my 100th Blog Post!

Hurray! I need to celebrate this event. First, first sem is finally over! Tomorrow will be the start of our sembreak and I need to cherish each day. I still can't believe that everything through like our group thesis, course work exams, tons of paper works and programs in java and C++.

Second, this is my 100th blog post! It only means that this blog is ready for another level. My goal is to rank high in Alexa and have atleast a PR of 1 so I can use this blog for you-know-what. If you are getting jealous about my sembreak, don't worry because September 10 will be a holiday! =)

Be a part of my awesome 100th blog post! Comment below!


  1. Congratulation for 100th entry. Just blog with good content and everything will be okay.


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