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Second Term: I Don't Like my New Schedule!

I think the best part of being a college student is you can choose your own class schedule and also the time of your classes whether it is in the morning of afternoon. But I was shocked when I saw my new schedule for the second term. It was awful!

I have classes from Monday to Friday, My day will start too early during M-W-F (7:30 AM is my first subject). From 7:30Am, my other classes will be up until 12:00. My next class will be on 4:00 PM. What the eff is that? I need to wait for like 4 hours? That is so crazy!

I only have 1 class during Tuesday and Thursday. LAME!!!

I am still thinking whether I will take the 2 advanced subjects that are Rizal's Life and Economics. But I want to take it on a Tuesday or Thursday.

I hope the schedule that I have seen a while ago is not yet final. SUCKS!


  1. That's part of student life Deej. Hehehe. anyway, hope your sched's ok now.

  2. choosing schedule is the best part but also a tough part. There are times that there's no more available slots for the schedule and subject to fit your style.

    enjoy the next sem.

  3. hi .. well sana lang my solution in your problem schedule kasi 4 hrs is really a long gap, regards here .. Mona


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