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Scramble- BuzBOX

Me and my two friends were walking at SM Manila a while ago looking for interesting shops and stuffs for us to buy. Suddenly, we saw this kiosk in front of the food court and they are selling Scrambles. Clean scrambles I supposed. Since one of my friend haven't tasted a scramble before. we decided to buy.

Scramble by BuzBOX is very cheap. You can have a small one for only 10 pesos, medium for 15 pesos and 20 or 25 for the large one. If you want to add topping, then you must pay extra 3 pesos for each toppings such as chocolate, marshmallows, pinipig, and more.

The Taste

It is like the typical scramble on the street but the only difference is it is clean. It is a pretty good refreshment during hot summer days.

Overall Rating

5/5 because we were satisfied and had fun while eating it. =)

BuzBOX is available at SM Manila, Mall of Asia, SM Sta Mesa, and SM Megamall

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