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Party Time!

Woooot! I can't believe that our defense in Technical Writing class is finally over. My group mates worked on it for like 5 weeks and we dedicated most of our time (err. my time? =)). This is the major problem that I faced for the past few weeks because my professor is expecting a lot from our group since he knows that I am a blogger. He describes me as a hardcore blogger. How was that?

But being a blogger doesn't mean that I can write thesis well because blogging and thesis making are not really the same. Still, I did my best. 

The defense was almost okay when Professor 'X' asked something that made us paralyzed and blank. We were so at the WTF moment at that time. Hopefully, Prof. 'Y' asked another question for us to be saved. There are some minor problems that we need to revise and we need to submit it on Saturday. I know I can do that.

Now that the defense was done, all I want to do and sleep tight tonight. After that, a party would be so great! I want to drink beer and have fun with my friends! 

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