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Heraclitus once said that "There is nothing constant except change". And we must agree with that. Change is something that we need to embrace and apply to our lives for us to be a better man and achieve our goals in life.

Changes in our lives will open new possibilities. Unlimited possibilities that our mind cannot measure.

I Embraced Change. Change Embraced Me

I want to share my story of how I embraced the change in my life and how that so called change embraced my life as well.

Before, I was a rebellious teenager that always wear black clothes and dark eye liners. People are calling these kind of teens as "EMO". They are suicidal and always lock themselves inside a dark and isolated cocoon. Yeah! I was one of those kids. 

Trash; that was my life before. My mind is full of negativities and my heart was full of hatred and anger. I hid my talents and aspirations. Darkness devoured me. I devoured the light.

I was "NOBODY". And I could care less.

Then I Embraced The Change

One day, I got tired of everything. I got tired of my repetitive life. Then I decided to apply some changes in my life. I stopped putting dark eye liner and started viewing life in a new perspective. I started to change my lifestyle.


I am not an emo anymore! I let myself do everything I like because I am damn free. I showed to people the different side of me. I started to join different organizations in my school and it was so cool!

I am the new Associate Editor in Chief of our School Organ and started writing articles for our school. A lot of doors opened in front of me. All I need to do is to grasp every opportunity.

I am so thankful I embraced the thing called "CHANGE".


  1. hope you win the pagbabago contest.

  2. i love the changes...
    because it means improvements for me
    your the best


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