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My Schedule is Getting Better Now!

I am glad that my schedule is getting better now. If you have read my previous post about my class sched, maybe you knew that I was too disappointed at that time. Well if you haven't seen it yet, better read my rant about new schedules for second term

Then a good news came to me just a while ago. My friend told me that we don't need to take the 7:30 class because there is available subject at 2:30 PM. When it comes to the Advance Java class, it is available during Tuesday and Thursday so it is less hassle.

Now, I am ready to go to school and get my subjects verified so I can enroll myself. So I am not disappointed.


  1. Reading this post reminded of my good old college days in UP. :)

    Enjoy your student life!

  2. Scribbler,

    You are so lucky that you are now a graduate.

    I want to graduate ASAp but at the same time, I am cherishing each moment as a college student.

    Thanks for the thought!


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