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My Phone and Laptop Saved the Day (Almost)

This is a not so good day! I think I wasted a lot of time and did nothing but to sit and waited for nothing. Thank you technology for giving us the coolest stuffs in the world. I am talking about my very own phone and laptop.

I listened to Never Shout Never on my phone for like 10 times today. I am currently familiarizing myself to their Christmas song entitled 30 days because I am planning to sing it 30 days before Christmas time. I will be sending my video to my friends on Facebook.

My laptop also helped me today. I tried to use it in the salon but there were kids who kept on looking on the screen. WTF kids? Why the hell are you doing my facebook and twitter status out loud? That is not effing cool! So I turned off my laptop immediately.

They almost saved my day. Unfortunately, both of them run out of battery. So tragic. So the next time I will go to salon with my Mom, I will surely fill up my laptop and phone's battery. If I have a choice, I won't go.

I hate this day!


  1. Was it the first time they had seen a laptop? LOL, just joking. They're just curious I guess. Good luck to learning the song.


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